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Blog category – CIO

4 Simple SEO Hacks You Don’t Need an Agency For

We all know that times are a bit tough, budgets are a bit tight, and you need to cut down quite a bit on your outsourcing spend right now.


Help! My Email List is Not Converting, What Have I Done Wrong_

With 81% of SMEs relying on email marketing as their primary customer acquisition tool, email lists are considered the lifeblood of eCommerce companies.


3 Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate on your Site

One of the key metrics to measure and understand on your site is your bounce rate. Let’s face it, if your customer is leaving your site somewhere in your conversion funnel, they are simply not buying and that is less money coming in for you.

4 Savvy Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Even though many businesses differ on what conversion rates are for them, the overall consensus is that these are some of the most important metrics in the ecommerce environment. Great conversion rates are not created overnight, instead you have to continuously optimize your messaging, site and marketing to achieve consistently growing conversion rates.
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