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Latest news from Kinetic365

KNAPP made-to-order solutions for e-commerce

Very few sectors are as dynamic, fast-paced and changeable as the e-commerce sector. Shopping has never been as easy, quick, individual and open to choice for consumers as it is today. The sales channel boundaries are no longer set in stone – providing consumers with a much richer shopping experience.


Fear, control and existential crisis – How Covid 19 (and lockdown) has changed your consumer’s mindset, forever (and some practical tips on how you can adapt)

The Covid 19 crisis and associated lockdown may be seen as a global existential crisis. Governments and countries have restricted the freedom of movement of their citizens and many lockdown measures have introduced uncertainty and reduced control over many aspects of people’s lives.


4 Simple SEO Hacks You Don’t Need an Agency For

We all know that times are a bit tough, budgets are a bit tight, and you need to cut down quite a bit on your outsourcing spend right now.


4 Things You Have to Stop Doing on Your Ecommerce Site Today

Most articles written around ecommerce delve into what brands should be doing to heighten those conversion rates, or savvy ways to attract customers to your site.


Help! My Email List is Not Converting, What Have I Done Wrong_

With 81% of SMEs relying on email marketing as their primary customer acquisition tool, email lists are considered the lifeblood of eCommerce companies.


3 Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate on your Site

One of the key metrics to measure and understand on your site is your bounce rate. Let’s face it, if your customer is leaving your site somewhere in your conversion funnel, they are simply not buying and that is less money coming in for you.

Last Mile Delivery During
and After Covid-19

Digital shopping has boomed over the last few weeks, with particular focus being on groceries and essential items that have not been restricted in their respective countries. Companies whose primary focus is on non-essential products have pivoted their attention to essential products, services and operations to remain relevant and somewhat profitable during this time.


Effective (Non-Tacky) Ways to Pivot Your Messaging During COVID-19

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world, organisations globally have had to fast-track alterations in their operations, marketing and branding to try and stay afloat during this incredibly uncertain time. One of the changes that have had to be made is the messaging going out to customers. Some companies have absolutely killed this, while others have flopped entirely and isolated a huge portion of their audience.

4 Savvy Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Even though many businesses differ on what conversion rates are for them, the overall consensus is that these are some of the most important metrics in the ecommerce environment. Great conversion rates are not created overnight, instead you have to continuously optimize your messaging, site and marketing to achieve consistently growing conversion rates.

Repositioning Your eCommerce
Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

The sweep of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has brought the world to its knees. All across the world, companies and individuals alike are taking massive financial blows due to the shut down of non-essential services. It has had an impact on corporate giants and smaller start-up businesses alike, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

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