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KNAPP made-to-order solutions for e-commerce

Very few sectors are as dynamic, fast-paced and changeable as the e-commerce sector. Shopping has never been as easy, quick, individual and open to choice for consumers as it is today. The sales channel boundaries are no longer set in stone – providing consumers with a much richer shopping experience.

Flexible performance across all processes is a must for ensuring the supply chain is geared towards the future. KNAPP sees it as its duty to provide sophisticated automation solutions in this fast-changing market environment to create a good foundation for success.

Speed, price and service are key to a successful online business. Same and next day delivery have long been the gold standards in online trade. KNAPP has extensive experience in single item picking and has made use of this in developing new solutions for e-commerce applications suitable for a range of sectors. Fundamental technologies are at the heart of these solutions, pooling and consolidating complex demands and processes within the warehouse. They make complexity simple and turn a distribution centre into a low complexity warehouse.

The shuttle family is one of the most important fundamental technologies in the low complexity warehouse. The high-performance OSR Shuttle™ Evo not only takes care of secure storing, buffering and sequencing flat-packed goods, it also replenishes and supplies picking areas. The free-moving Open Shuttles connect complex transport networks and can also handle express orders within the warehouse. The versatile Pick-it-Easy Workstations guarantee efficient and accurate picking. The goods-to-person principle is used to achieve optimal ergonomics and efficiency. Pick-it-Easy workstations can also register returns cost-effectively and reliably so that they are ready to be sold again in very little time. Value-added services such as adding catalogues are also integrated into the workflow at the Pick-it-Easy workstations. High-performance Pocket Sorters using RFID technology handle hanging goods effectively. Single items are sorted and sequenced according to individual specifications with the help of matrix sortation. A customized software solution from KNAPP optimizes the flow of goods and ensures short transit times in the low complexity warehouse.

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The company operates from offices in Longpoint Building, Fourways/Sandton.
KNAPP Logistic SA (Pty) Ltd.
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+27 72 255 0352

Leading warehouse automation provider KNAPP Logistic SA was established in 2009 to take on the commitment of providing its customers highly efficient customer and on-site services to ensure optimal performance of the systems. With General Manager Adrian Boult, more than 10 years of intralogistics experience, are at your service. Adrian has a background in sales and service with a strong sales network throughout South Africa and its borders. He and the team at KNAPP South Africa have a focus on growing the market in healthcare, fashion, e-commerce and retail environments with special emphasis on customer service.

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