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Month: June 2020

KNAPP made-to-order solutions for e-commerce

Very few sectors are as dynamic, fast-paced and changeable as the e-commerce sector. Shopping has never been as easy, quick, individual and open to choice for consumers as it is today. The sales channel boundaries are no longer set in stone – providing consumers with a much richer shopping experience.


Fear, control and existential crisis – How Covid 19 (and lockdown) has changed your consumer’s mindset, forever (and some practical tips on how you can adapt)

The Covid 19 crisis and associated lockdown may be seen as a global existential crisis. Governments and countries have restricted the freedom of movement of their citizens and many lockdown measures have introduced uncertainty and reduced control over many aspects of people’s lives.


4 Simple SEO Hacks You Don’t Need an Agency For

We all know that times are a bit tough, budgets are a bit tight, and you need to cut down quite a bit on your outsourcing spend right now.


4 Things You Have to Stop Doing on Your Ecommerce Site Today

Most articles written around ecommerce delve into what brands should be doing to heighten those conversion rates, or savvy ways to attract customers to your site.

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