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Repositioning Your eCommerce
Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

The sweep of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has brought the world to its knees. All across the world, companies and individuals alike are taking massive financial blows due to the shut down of non-essential services. It has had an impact on corporate giants and smaller start-up businesses alike, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 

Fast-tracked innovation and readjusted operational strategies have been on the top of every company’s priority list. Online and eCommerce companies have shown more adaptability to the unique environment that we have found ourselves in and larger companies are having to readjust their processes and strategies similar to start-ups to succeed in these uncertain times.Statistics that are slowly being released after the last two months of slow downs and lockdowns, are showing devastating drops in site traffic, conversion rates and naturally, sales. Every industry, bar the food, healthcare, media and pharma fields are seeing as much as a 56% drop in conversion rates. So, with all of this uncertainty and slow-down happening, how can you adjust your marketing strategy to align to your customers expectations during this time? We took a look at the key actions you can put in place right now to counteract the dire effects that COVID-19 will have on your company.
Build Up Trust With Your Customers
This is the time to readjust your messaging to your customer. You will need to focus on building yourself up as a reliable and trustworthy brand that they can count on, instead of just a company looking to take advantage of . People are now looking at which companies are going above and beyond in this time and who are focusing on the well-being of their communities.Focus less on pushing sales, and concentrate your energies on providing useful, helpful information more than opportunist messaging. Empathy, generosity and reliable information is going to take you a lot further than flashy advertising that will simply be seen as being distasteful. You should be using this time to create a loyal customer base who, in a few months,when restrictions are being lifted, will turn to you. Create a reason for customers to want to support you!
Bolster Up Your Content
This works hand-in- hand with the above point. Content is going to be your number one priority going forward. In fact, the role of impactful, educational and reliable content has increased an estimated 35% over the last two months alone. What is important here is to elevate the quality of your content during this time. Make it as personal and educational as possible. If you can provide your customer with advice, reliable information or tips on how to survive and succeed during this time, do it! Just make sure that it always ties back into your company and USP!
What you need to keep in mind, is although people are trying to save as much as possible right now for the uncertain days ahead, they are spending more and more time online. Statistics have shown that the average person spent 11% more time in the first two weeks and it has subsequently jumped up to over 20% in the last two weeks. Use this to your advantage! Get your content seen by ensuring that it is eye-catching, qualitative and engaging.
Readjust Your Ad Strategy and Spend
One of the most interesting trends to note during these last few weeks is that the cost of paid ads has dropped considerably. The reason for this is that many small businesses have pulled money out of paid ads. This in turn drops the CPC as mostly only larger businesses are still bidding. For the first time in years, ads are at an all-time low, and the ROI of paid ads has jumped significantly due to the increased traffic. In fact, several companies who are still putting money into paid ads have seen their ROI go from 31% to 53%. That’s a 71% increase in ROI.So, if you have the funds right now, get those ads out there.Not only should your spend change, but your ads should too! Work closely with your team to adjust the copy as well as the graphics of your paid ads to speak to a customer base that is currently facing a pandemic. Google has gone as far as publishing a ​document ​to assist in guiding marketers during this time. They touch on the context and positioning of content and ads, as well as the tone and messaging to your customer. There is advice on dealing with changes in your business as well as your business operations. It is certainly worthwhile taking a look at their suggestions to adapt your strategy.
Even though restrictions and lockdowns could slowly start being lifted in the next few weeks or even months, business will certainly not continue as usual. COVID-19 is set to have long-lasting effects on customer’s spending power as well as organizations operations indefinitely. To keep your company floating during this time, you will need to permanently monitor, test and adjust your online strategies. AB test absolutely everything, no matter how minuscule the change. We are all in uncharted territory and there is no secret recipe of success that you can follow. If you see something is not working or making an impact, move on to the next idea. And remember,keep yourself as approachable to customers as possible, they will remember you on the other side.
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